Article Process

Reviewing Process

When a manuscript is received, the Managing Editor cum Editor in Chief glances through the article within 24 hours of reception. The paper is then forwarded to two reviewers who are given seven days to return the manuscript with their comments to the editorial manager. The reviewers’ recommendations determine whether a paper will be

-accepted as it is,
– accepted with minor revisions,

-accepted with major revisions (in which case, the paper will pass through another review process after resubmission) or

– rejected out rightly.

When a paper is accepted by one reviewer and rejected by another reviewer, the paper will be send to third reviewer whose decision is final.

The corresponding author will be notified on the decision of the reviewers’ within 10 days of submission of the manuscript. Letter of Acceptance is issued to the authors on reception of corrected copy of the manuscript and 100 US dollar handling/ publication charge.

Publication Process

On reception of corrected copy and handling/ publication charge, the paper will be composed and send to the corresponding author for proof reading. Once the proof read copy is received, it will be published online within one week.

The electronic version of IJAB (E-ISSN: 2306-3599) is a bimonthly journal. Consequently, the speed at which a manuscript is published is dependent on the author’s accuracy and the recommendations of the reviewers.

Hard copy or printed version of International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences (P-ISSN: 2305-6622) is printed biannually (June and December) and will be available to authors on request at the cost of 50 US dollar each.